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We love Twitter, but they make it a major pain in the 🍑 to download videos and GIFS, which is why we made this free and easy app for downloading MP4s directly to your phone or computer.

No more annoying screen recording, or weird "Twitter video downloading hacks," just follow the instructions below to pull your favorite Tweet vids, TikTok vids, GIFs and turn them into posts on Instagram, Facebook, or wherever.

How To Download Twitter Videos Using TweetPik:

STEP 1. Find the Twitter video, Twitter image, or Twitter GIF you want to save.

This is what everyone looks like at the end of a video when they’re stopping the video @nicolethurman funny video, funny twitter videos, how to download twitter videos

A Twitter screenshot of a hilarious @niccolethurman video you want to download. Credit: @niccolethurman / Made using TweetPik

These days Twitter is mostly just TikTok videos for people who don't want to download TikTok, but it's also full of reaction videos, and user-generated content, and even hilarious parody music videos you may want to add to your blog or Instagram. So then, the first step is to select the Tweet video you want to download.

TweetPik also supports GIF and Image downloads if you want to save those as well.

STEP 2. Copy the Twitter video link.

That may seem obvious, but you'd be surprised how hard it is to find links to Tweets on Twitter. There are basically two methods for locating your Tweet URL, one for desktop users and one for Twitter mobile app users:Desktop Method: Click on the tweet and copy the URL in your browser address bar.

Tweet URL Chrome, Tweet URL, How TO Find Twitter URL, How to find Tweet URL

A Twitter video URL in Chrome

iPhone or Android Method: In the Twitter app, click the "Share" icon on your tweet, and select "copy link"

STEP 3. Paste your URL into TweetPik's Twitter Downloader URL box and click the green Download button.

URL to MP4 using Tweet Pik Video downloader, URL convert to MP4 on Twitter

A properly downloaded MP4 video from Twitter

There you have it, a hilarious video to share on social media.

DISCLAIMER: Friendly reminder that TweetPik does not host any pirated or copyright content on its server, and all the videos that you download are downloaded to your system directly from Twitter's CDN servers. If you wish to use a video that does not belong to you, we highly encourage you to reach out to the owner directly and ask permission — contrary to popular belief, most Twitter users are really nice and will probably give you the permission you need.

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