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Taking a screenshot of Twitter using the API is very simple.

You can see some examples below using cURL or NodeJS.

$ curl \
--header "Content-Type: application/json" \
--header "Authorization: your-api-key" \
--request POST \
--data '{"tweetId":"1370397279279054848"}'
Integrated with Zapier and Integromat
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To access the API, you need to pass your API key in the authorization header. You will see how to use this correctly in the next section.


TweetPik can be easily integrated with Zapier and Integromat. We have a blog post showing how to publish tweets to Instagram using TweetPik and Zapier.

Screenshoting a tweet image

To screenshot a tweet, you must pass the tweetId in the body.


The response will return the url attribute you can use to load your image and apply transformations for optimization.


You can use some extra options to customize your image. These options should be used together with the tweetId in the response body.

themeId NewThe theme ID. Default is nullYou can use a theme instead of pass all the customization values trough the API
  • 1:1 for Instagram Feed
  • 9:16 for Instagram Stories
  • 1200:627 for Linkedin
  • 1200:630 for Facebook
  • autoHeight adjust the image height if the tweet content overflows the default 1:1 height
  • autoSize New fits the content independent of the tweet size
Change the image dimension
timezone NewSee the supported timezone list on this Wikipedia page. Default is America/Chicago.Helpful when you want to display the time in an specific timezone.
displayLikestrue or false. Default is falseIncludes the number of likes until that exactly moment
displayRepliestrue or false. Default is falseIncludes the number of replies until that exactly moment
displayRetweetstrue or false. Default is falseIncludes the number of retweets until that exactly moment
displayVerifiedtrue or false. If the user is verfied, the default is trueIncludes the verified badge
displaySourcetrue or false. Default is trueIncludes the source of the tweet
displayTimetrue or false. Default is trueIncludes the time of the tweet
displayMediaImages Newtrue or false. Default is trueIncludes the tweet media images
displayLinkPreview Newtrue or false. Default is trueIncludes the link preview image and info
textWidthAny number higher than zero. This value is representing a percentageThe horizontal width of tweet text
canvasWidth NewAny number higher than zero. This value is used in pixels(px) unitsThe horizontal width of the image
backgroundImageA valid URLA image that you want to use as background. You need to use this as a valid URL like and it should not be protected by CORS

Color options

You can also use some options to customize your tweet screenshot. The color values can be on hexa - #000 or rgb - rgb(0,0,0) format. The following options should be added inside of the colors attribute

backgroundColorChange the background color of the tweet screenshot
textPrimaryColorChange the text primary color used for the main text of the tweet and user‘s name
textSecondaryColorChange the text secondary used for the secondary info of the tweet like the username
linkColorChange the link colors used for the links, hashtags and mentions
verifiedIconChange the verified icon color

Building the URL

The URL is predictable, so you don‘t have to worry about storing it. You just need to make sure you generated it before using it. The URL will always consist of your bucket ID and the tweet ID.<bucket-id>/tweetId

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We want to make sure your branded tweet shots are as attractive as possible. As such, we’ve created this guide to help you get the most out of your branded tweet shots.

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